syrup filled mornings

one cannot deny the goodness of syrup in the morning. pour it over waffles, pancakes, or french toast. it’s a requisite for happy calorie filled mornings.

one of the joys of being married? access to cool kitchen appliances that are yours and yours only (i guess i imply sharing to be taking place as well). one of my favorites that most people say is frivolous? the waffle maker. pour in batter and close it to hear a warm sizzle take place. wait for two minutes until the light is green, and you have a brown crunchy goodness awaiting a liquid of sugar to coat it in.

so we’ve been married for about 3 weeks now but the waffle maker has been earning it’s counter space in the kitchen.

this morning, the husband went to work early and i decided to start this day off right with some syrup and i made myself some blueberry pancakes. the husband requested a few days ago that we should take a break from syrup.



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