weekend bites


so i’ve rediscovered the joys of weekends. all last year i generally had work to do on saturdays after a long week of classes during the weekday, but i forgot how the word FRIDAY carried with it so much expectation and excitement. the anticipation starts to creep up even before i start my day. i open my eyes and the letters start to spell themselves out in my head with flashing lights and i already know it’s going to be a good day.

this past friday, paul and i celebrated our third friday together by trying a taco/burrito place, el zarape, that was highly recommended to us by  our friend yelp. i have to say my lobster burrito was the best anything wrapped in a tortilla that i ever had in my lifetime. the tortilla tasted handmade (although i’m unsure about this one), there were chunks of lobster in every bite, the salsas were amazing, and even their tortilla chips tasted different. i’m really liking san diego and its proximity to south of the border.

well, after that we decided to check out the movie night on the lawn hosted by our apartment complex. i showed up mainly due to the advertisement of “free snacks and drinks” stated in bold print on the posters in the elevators. settling out on the lawn both of us wearing shorts and t-shirts,  i think it crossed my mind for a brief second that everyone there was bundled up like they were going on an alaskan adventure and i’m sure that i even mocked them in my mind as the air was still cooling down from the eighty something day we had. we get into the movie and start to relax, thinking what a great way it is to spend our friday and it gets dark. i’m pretty sure i feel bugs on my skin, but just swat them away thinking that i’m worrying for nothing and i’m ruining our relaxing night. another fifteen minutes pass and i start to uncontrollably scratch myself. at this point, movie night or not, i’m through. i convince paul to ditch the movie and we go back to our place and lo and behold. the friggin bugs did some damage. i counted NINE. NINE bites in a span of 20 minutes. collectively, we had 17 bites.

i spent the night scratching myself to sleep.


One thought on “weekend bites

  1. Haven’t been to El Zarape. Sounds good though! Vicky and I constantly fight about Mexican food (San Diego vs. Bay Area). I’m convinced whatever you guys do to it in NorCal ruined it!! I usually just cave in and we get Chipotle because Vicky has some aversion to the classic hole-in-the-wall San Diego places! Ah well….

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