so this site should be rechristened from paulyesther to just plain “esther” as  the last two syllables are thus far the only contributor.

i am feeling a little attention deficit hyperactivity disorder-ish today. came home from work rather early after i went to costco to have a $1.50 polish hot dog as well as to fill up the after-meal-dessert/snack hole in my stomach with some samples. was half-determined to sit down and start/finish looking at 50+ student essays that i was supposed to give back yesterday. i opened up one email and then i was done.

i watched “better off ted” on abc online

i ate string cheese

i ate pink and white mothers animal cookies

i made and ate chapagetti.

i lay in my bed for 15 minutes just looking at the ceiling

i watered my basil plant

i almost turned on “so i survived a japanese game show” but then decided to blog about how little work i’ve gotten done as a way to avoid work even more.

i think it’s time to make an espresso and then turn on some ghetto rap music. time to get serious now??


2 thoughts on “procrastination

  1. esther, your posts make me hungry. what if you put basil in chapagetti and then topped it off with melted string cheese?? mmmmmm…

    hang in there 🙂 when i have work i dont want to do, my house all of a sudden becomes really clean and organized!

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