cliff notes

sorry world. i have been sucked into a bubble of married biz.

we just celebrated our one month two days ago. i had forgotten about it until i got an email from the to let me know of the important-ish date and paul did bring home a bouquet of roses which definitely perked up the festive mood.

i did not know that a month could go by so quickly. it seems like just yesterday that we just unpacked our last box, dueled it out for the extra drawer in the dresser, and worked out a reasonable spot for the toothpaste on the bathroom counter. oh wait, it was just yesterday.

i finally unpacked the last box two days ago and put the rest into our storage closet. BBAM. done.

we’re getting settled but one area of my life not settled is my schedule. i’ve been catching up on some z’s after the wedding needless to say. going to bed before 12, getting up around 8. a whole 8 hours of my favorite recreational activity has not only been wonderful for my skin, but also been wonderful for my black hole of falling behind on things that need to get done.i have essays to grade, homework essays to grade, and i’m constantly falling behind as i bring home more to look at after work. the problem is, after coming home from work, the last thing i ever want to do is more….work.

i’m determined to start my mornings earlier and just pull out hours of furious grading before i head off to my real job. and then come home to just chill out with dinner, slow cleaning up, and some reading/bills/much needed errands to take care of or more like life necessities like finding a paying teaching job for the fall. yup, i’m pretty sure that i’m the last person who just graduated form my program to have no work lined up for the fall. dang….what you say? it’s almost august??

so here is my accumulation of posts that have been going through my head for the past week. it’s the cliff-notes version which is what most people want to read anyways aside from my verbose rants.

husband calls me “wifey.” i wanted to reciprocate and call him “husband-y” but it sounds too much like husbandry that i needed another nickname. the word “hubby”evokes images of a large butterball turkey on thanksgiving. i’m thinking of just sticking to “honey.” it’s sweet. natural. bees make it. two syllables. sounds good to me.

land line:
i haven’t had my own land line since….hmmm ever. but when you are me, you need a land line. i haven’t had decent phone service since living at the broadview at hopkins with att, and then to stanford lyman with tmobile, and then now our apartment building with tmobile. i essentially have been making all phone calls at a certain spot on our patio craning my neck trying to get another bar. but we got a land line. if you want the number, ask. and it’s yours. 🙂 i forgot how freeing it was to be able to use the phone in the apartment. luxury i tell you.

household chores:
right now we have it down to something like this. esther: cook, grocery shop. husband: dishes, trash, vacuum, swiffer the floors, laundry. i help him with a lot of the stuff, but it’s still pretty nice. but despite this distribution of tasks, the housework never ends. how do people with children have time to do things like read or check email?

basil plant:
my first plant that i have not killed within 2 weeks. i’ll give you a status update on how long it’ stays alive for.

THE END! (i never said my cliff notes would be short)


5 thoughts on “cliff notes

  1. ehheh totally feel ya on how fast married life is.. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’VE BEEN MARRIED FOR OVER A MONTH!!

    crainezess i tell ya.. hahah so as for the nickname.. because ya husbandy sounds a little funny kenny has become my hubster ahaah

  2. i know, isnt married life busy? yeah im baffled how people with kids keep it up. maintaining a home is HARD WORK! but hey, unpacking everything in 1 month is pretty darn good time-wise 🙂 it took us forever. praying & hoping you get a good job!

  3. how’s Mr. Basil!?!?! is that his name? if not can it be? =D

    dino says hi to mr. basil! hahaha! dino suffered much abuse while in davis, where i only watered him once a week or so =((

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