fruit flies be gone

right before the husband and i went on vacation, we discovered a way to get rid of the bugs which have been plaguing our new apartment and newly wed life. horrid fruit flies.


these bugs have popped up out of nowhere and have been taking over the apartment. we’ve been killing as many as we can–my normally slow reflexes have gotten sharper as i can catch the little suckers now with a clap of my hands. and bagging away any perishable trash before we even throw it into the trash can. putting away any fresh fruit/veggies/any source of nourishment whatsoever. nevertheless, the battle was impossible to win as they breed and leave behind progeny like no other. i then began to think that the idea of spontaneous generation didn’t seem so silly after all. i really had no idea where they were coming from but there they were breeding and living in our home. WRETCHED CREATURES!!

one night though we had a breakthrough. we left out a glass of shiraz on the table overnight and the next morning there were about five of the suckers along the glass and two or three that had greedily drowned in the wine. i knew then that we found the bait to kill off the little flying creatures.

i set up a contraption using a plastic water bottle, i filled it halfway with some more wine and mixed in some water, and then made a paper funnel cone and taped it in. i swirled it around to get the smell out in the open, and within 15 minutes, one had flown into the water bottle and was stuck! BBAM. i give the bottle another swosh and watched the fruit fly drown in its own source of greed. i got a sense of thrill as i effortlessly watched one of the annoying creatures disappear from my life effortlessly. the trap looked something like this:


within the hour the wine-funnel caught another 4 more, and this went on as every hour i would gleefully run to the kitchen to see how many more were caught before i’d swosh it once more to watch them drown in fermented grape juice. YES! could this be the start to my career as an exterminator?

one week later, i can joyfully say that the battle has been won my friends. the population of fruit flies in the han residence has diminished and the hans are now the primary residents of  the apartment.


7 thoughts on “fruit flies be gone

    • an ELECTRIC FLY SWATTER. omygoodness. i almost want a few to come back so i could try it out!! that looks like an evening of fun…. hahaha

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