new ways to procrastinate


just discovered google reader.

up to now, i have been more of a sporadic….once a week or month blog reader when i felt like it. this seems like the restart of my xanga-land-time-wasting-days-in-undergrad. okay, so those words were just unnecessarily hyphenated. do i plan to blog more? most certainly. and especially since i have semi-leisure time that i’m supposed to spend doing work but i can get away with not doing right this instant.

i have a stack of essays to read and grade. i promised my kids i’d get it done by this saturday and i am determined. am sitting at an over-airconditioned starbucks with the two point five inch pile just staring at me angrily, demanding to be read.

the past two months i’ve been fulfilling my caffeine cravings with our very own kitchen appliances at home, but after yesterday’s extremely unproductive day, i needed to get out.  i found out from hannah that starbucks offers free refills when you use a registered giftcard and today i am determined to get much use from this. don’t think i can ever even out the small fortune of my loans that i spent on double shots of espresso last year in grad school, but hey, i can certainly try.


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