a visit to the past

[my library card: the best free card you can ever make]

in need of some good books to read.

i’m thinking of taking a trip back through some classics–other than the perfect blend of satire and romance in jane austen’s books…generally the only books i am willing to re-read.

i’m a plot-junkie. i admit it. i hate with an underline knowing what’s about to happen in books, movies, or any form of story telling. once i watch or read something, i won’t go back. why bother when the most important element has been discovered? you know that the protagonist is going to wind up happily not with the man you thought she would but with the man she is surprisingly actually better suited for, or how the antagonist was artfully foiling the plans that were supposed to take place—why see or read it again? moving on, i want something new i say!

but i’ve been thinking perhaps the satisfying filling of the ding-dong isn’t in the last 80 pages of the novel where everything seamlessly unfolds but the actual journey to the end. perhaps i’ve too hastily shoved a book in the bookshelf to never be opened again. i’m considering this at the moment. so i’m thinking of taking a visit, or a re-visit to some of the classics….the books that i half-heartedly picked off of library bookshelves in the past not really understanding the intricacies of language , but poring through pages to figure out what’s coming next. my next book to tackle –anna karenina.

sooo perhaps i’m in the stage of my life now where there’s not a quick flipping through to know what is to happen next. no more going through this as a means to get somewhere else and continually looking ahead to what’s coming next. i have a feeling it’s  the “i’m done with school” mentality that’s hitting and now… it’s about the now. i’m learning to be content in what i currently am doing and although i do admittedly still have my 2, 5, and 10 year plan,  i’m learning to just stop and think through what’s in front of me instead of mindlessly just looking ahead while missing what’s there before me.


4 thoughts on “a visit to the past

  1. aww esther, what an admirable mindset…seems like you’re on the right track w/that mentality. 🙂 i’m trying to be content too! it’s hard not to plan ahead…

  2. Yo Yo PAULESTHER!!! HA! I love it….


    I suggest East of Eden for you guys especially since you are out west. Steinbeck wrote it to give his kids a portrayal of what the Salinas Valley was like.

    Also perhaps you can read Huckleberry Finn. Its my favorite piece of fiction, so much so I just blogged about it!

    Anyways, I hope you two are doing well…

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