a much delayed post

so i abashedly begin this post by admitting that i have not been as dedicated to writing as i had planned on being this past year. 5-6 posts over a year?? not exactly a mark of a prolific blogger but one of a hectic person without much time for self-absorbed reflection that i normally love indulging myself in.

my second to last post dealt with the trials of being unemployed. the husband called me the busiest unemployed person he knew as i pretty much found myself working a hodgepodge of tutoring jobs, sat prep work and grading essays, and cty. it’s been about a year now but since my last post i do have exciting news to report that I found a real full year teaching job. i felt like yelling SOMEONE WANTS ME after I found out that I was hired. i started working at the school last year as a temporary biology teacher for 7 weeks filling in for another teacher on maternity leave, and this past fall, i was hired at the same school as a full time chemistry teacher.

my sixteen year old self would have laughed in your face if you told her that i would one day be teaching chemistry. mainly because i am teaching a subject that i found the bane of my junior existence in high school. but i’m liking it as i am honestly learning it well for the first time around. the poor husband comes home to find me on polar left and right ends of a  spectrum of moods through the week.  on monday, my lesson goes well–i find teaching so fulfilling and i have such a high that i wonder why anyone would ever want to take drugs. on tuesday my lesson tanks–i want to curl up under the covers and disappear for a few days. it is through this up and down of my day to day that my new yorkers are piling up on my coffee table more as decoration than as reading material, my dog starts to act as though she is a cat from spending so much time alone, and my folded laundry never gets put away as i start to cost-benefit-analyze any task around the home that i used to find necessary. yet, despite each day ending with more to-do’s than i was able to satisfyingly check off, i have to say that i wake up most mornings excited to go to work. it’s a good feeling.

in a month i hope to find more balance:   start eating things other than royal gold braided honey pretzels while i’m at school and food from drive through windows after school, reconnect with friends, and do things other than grade papers in front of dvr’ed tv shows during a weeknight.

with this, i shall sign off.


2 thoughts on “a much delayed post

  1. i love royal gold braided honey pretzels! SO ADDICTING. anything good through drive-thru? glad youre excited in the mornings and hope balance comes soon. hang in there esther. your students are blessed to have ya! 🙂

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