an ambitious new year

so it’s no wonder that when one starts off a “hello-world-after i got married” blog with a post about syrup that there is going to be some major guilt free eating to taking place. after years of trying to look somewhat decent and manage the calories, saying “screw it” and happily indulging in all the sugar, butter, and foods cooked in liquids that sizzle was a dream come true.

fast forward that to a year and a half after marriage and you see that your favorite pair of jeans don’t fit anymore, wearing any form of clothing other than elastic leggings is uncomfortable, and sucking in the muffin top doesn’t really help anything disappear. i have come face to face with the repercussions of the bliss that i have experienced in unrestrained food-land and common sense has led me to come back to the real world where calories and double chins and having to buy pants that i dont really enjoy in larger sizes hoping that i can one day throw them away exists.

so enough complaining as i start off 2011 with a resolution to lose half my post-wedding gain weight….a number i shall not disclose dear readers who have made it this far for fear of judgment. 2 weeks ago i told myself that i would get ready for a half-marathon… 2 months. a goal that i was excited about for the first week of gym-trips. but as i realized that my running distance is not going to grow exponentially and my body is not yet ready to quickly recover from sudden shock from use of actual muscle, i’ve toned down my over ambitious goal of 13 miles down to 3. i’m going to aim for a 5k first and then a half by the end of the year. 🙂 wish me luck! i’m hoping that by my next post, i’ll have some success to brag about to make up for this self-deprecating post.


5 thoughts on “an ambitious new year

  1. hahah i laughed when reading your post carolyn!! i gained more weight than paul did after we got married but i’m finally determined to lose some of it this year! 🙂 we miss you guys!

  2. Good Lord cousin, last entry in Oct, and the previous one before that in 2009?! It’s a blog, not messages in a bottle. haha.

    Good luck with the 5k. I’ve done two in the past few years, and they’ve been a lot of fun. Do you know which one you want to do?

  3. hey i thought of doing a half-marathon too! but quickly and realistically brought it down to a 5K… haha…but it’s reallllly cold here and there’s all this snow on the ground… hmmm… may have to wait for the spring!! ahh. kudos to you esther! 🙂 you can do it!

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