the third christmas

it’s already time to celebrate our third christmas together as married-folk.

year one, i was getting accustomed to what resident-widow-hood meant as we weren’t able to have christmas eve or christmas together as paul was stuck at work but i didn’t really mind. knowing paul was five miles away in the hospital was still better than the 380 or 2,700 miles that usually separated our holidays through our five years of dating in college and grad school. getting our first cheap artificial tree together (yeah, we’re asian like that), stringing lights around the apartment, and listening to horridly corny yet catchy christmas songs on 96.5 were all exciting because it felt new.

year two, we had gone through the first 1.5 years of being married together and  no longer did everything have the novelty of being the “first time”–christmas seemed to pass by in more of a haze as we were just thankful for some down-time from constantly being busy.  i had survived my first semester of teaching and to be honest, i felt so burnt out from the first few months that at times i was perfectly content spending my holidays halting my brain of any activity by rolling around on the floor watching endless episodes of korean dramas and at other times making up for all the lack of domestic activity months prior by inflicting christmas to martha-stewart on steroids : taking out the neglected stand mixer to cream all four pounds of butter from costco and making multiple trips to Michaels for craft supplies.

and as we approach year three of the holidays, things feel a bit different from the past two years. i decided on a “so-easy your two year old can make this” baking project that does not involve mass quantities of butter or a stand mixer, it’s my first year buying christmas cards from target instead of making them myself, and we decided on mostly cash gifts for family to avoid becoming belligerent last minute mall shoppers.  i almost didn’t want to get out the tree this year and go through the trouble of decorating as we only had 2 weeks left for the actual holiday but paul took out the tree from storage and assembled the tree one morning before work and ever since, the holiday spirit has been on full wattage around our place.

and it’s not the twinkling lights around the apartment that i’m probably going to take down mid-march or the justin bieber christmas album that i love that has rung in this mystic holiday spirit. it’s the realization of all the good things that Christ has brought these past 2.5 years in marriage and 28 years of life: my husband, family and friends, and the body of Christ that has lovingly helped me to understand more of my sin and see more of my need for Christ’s grace in my life.

and to end off my linus-y charlie brown christmas ending to this post, merry christmas everyone!


2 thoughts on “the third christmas

  1. I loved the hollidays mood that you’ve poured out on this post Esther!!! When I started reading this I thought it would be another of those ” love’s in the air” this. But you opened up and went deeper than that!!! Love being part of your third Christmas!!!!

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