now THIS is summer break

i can’t remember the last time i’ve truly had a summer vacation. and you might think that’s odd since i’m a high school teacher and don’t i have every summer off? but since college, i’ve always had summer jobs tutoring or research projects that i’ve worked on and after starting work full time as a teacher, i’d spend my summers teaching high school students SAT writing. this is the first summer since i don’t even know when that i’ve had to myself and it feels pretty darn wonderful. finally having some time to start preparing for baby han to get here in 4-6 weeks has been reassuring my anxiety that i have been starting to feel in third trimester as i had so many things on my checklist to take care of and i’m finally taking care of necessary but blown off things in the past like getting my oil changed and going to the dentist.

this morning, i woke up at NINE. even up to yesterday, i was still adjusting to my newfound freedom in the mornings because i was getting up at my normal work mornings of 6, but NINE. it was wonderful. i have had a little bit of trouble sleeping at night due to the pregnancy, but it doesn’t matter when you can get up at NINE. i keep putting this in caps because this is really that wonderful…usually even on weekends, i’m up and out of bed by 7 at the latest as i am still on school schedule. but wow…NINE—-it felt good.

this morning was a morning that i really appreciated. i leisurely loaded the dishwasher, noticed a ton of pet hair, and got stan our roomba running around the house, made myself some toast from fresh baked bread and added a slather of butter on top, made a decaf espresso (a treat for myself) and pretended that it was real caffeine i was drinking, and sat out on the patio with God’s word and took a deep sigh of contentment. haven’t felt this way in a long long time.

i am so thankful for this calm before the storm. 🙂 4-6 more weeks until this will all change, but i shall enjoy this for now.



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