the perfect morning

this will probably never happen again as a mom so i needed to record it so i will not forget.

i can say that i have just had the most perfect morning. perfect.

little homegirl here slept from 10pm until 5am–a whopping 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep!! ever since we moved her over from the bassinet in our room to the crib in her nursery 1 week ago at her two month mark, her sleep has been getting better and better. we’ve gone from 3-4 hour stretches initially to 5-6 hours, and last night was a beautiful 7. i woke up happy this morning instead of being a groggy grumpy mess. (everyone has told me that sleep regression happens at 4 months so i will enjoy this as much as i can while this lasts!)

after feeding little E, i made it to 5:30 am spin class.

i came home and walked the dogs

i showered (yes, i need to mention this in my perfect morning as i admit that there are many mornings where i do not participate in mentioned activity)

said goodbye to the husband as he made if off to the gym and work

checked on E to discover that she’s still sleeping

rushed downstairs and loaded the dishwasher at record speed

started a load of laundry

i made myself a breakfast smoothie

ran back upstairs and couldn’t believe she’s still sleeping (!!!)

needed to blog about it before she wakes up and here i am almost amazed that i have completed so many of my household chores for the day before she even got up. those of you wondering “what’s the big deal?” must come by on a typical han morning. little E has a sixth sense for when she sees me starting anything that i have a strong urge to finish as she’ll usually wake up or want some mom time. just as i’m about to take the first bite of lunch–yup, she’s crying. started loading the dishwasher–yup, she’s awake. starting on emails for my cty job–she’s crying. in conclusion, it was almost too good to be true to complete so many things at once uninterrupted!

nope, i do not expect this perfect morning to ever to happen again, so i shall enjoy this feeling of accomplishment and deep gratitude to the little one this morning!!


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