i’m really starting to enjoy being a mom again these days. it’s funny as i went through a period of feeling discontentment at staying at home with a baby not too long ago, but through prayer and God’s word, i have been starting to feel refreshed again as i realized the root of my discontentment was not relying on christ day to day and trusting in him. it’s so easy to think i’m in control of my everyday especially when i don’t have a big worry or immediate concern. but i’ve seen how easy it is during these seasons to not tend to my heart which has such a sinful tendency to not be thankful, and wander from God as I try to make sense of my own life. but God is always good in giving us his word and reminding us of his promises and how he is working in us.

really really thankful for this year at home before i start work again in the fall as i am starting to love just seeing how fast e is changing and growing. it has only been six months but now that we’ve reached the halfway point of this year together, i see how God has been using this time to change me as a mom and how God has been healthily growing and watching over little E everyday.

she has been really into sticking out her tongue these days (it’s probably teething).

she also looks so much like paul now that if i did not give birth to this little one, i would wonder if we really shared our genes. it’s nice though to see the face of someone i love so much in the face of our little one.

she is so much more in to her toys than before. she actually is interested in playing with things and seems so much more aware of what’s going on. one of her favorite things is to watch penny fetch the ball and once penny drops it in front of her, she’ll go for the ball and try to stick it in her own mouth before i intervene.

because of her newfound interest in toys, she actually has been great in the car now! no more crazy crying as we go around town together.

she sleeps so early now…she has been going to bed around 7:00pm and getting up at 7:00am and it has been great as it gives us so much time at night to do our own thing before going to bed.

she also has been waking up once or twice a night since she turned five months 😦 i thought we had a little sleeper on our hands when she started sleeping through the night at 2 months, but this sadly didn’t last. we are going to start cry it out tonight so i really hope this goes well.

she started taking a sign language class and baby development class with me at the community college 3 hours on monday and it has been so much fun to meet other moms and learn new things together. i’d go to different mom meetups and playdates before but because it’d usually be completely new people each time i’d go, it was hard to try to develop relationships with new people each and every time so to have some consistency each week has been nice.

she goes to the ymca with me about 4 times a week while i get to take a gym class (m-cardioscupt, t-zumba, w-barre, thurs-kickboxing), and she gets watched by the really awesome ladies at the child watch center. so thankful for this time to just be baby-free and get out stress from the day. but sadly, i am quite far away still from not looking like i’m in my second trimester. despite working out, i still eat like i’m pregnant. i still look at my old pants and jeans wondering when i’ll get to fit in them without a costco sized muffin top sticking out.

heh, can’t think of much else for now and she’s starting to get up from her nap so i’ll end it here. 🙂


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  1. the first few months are seriously so hard! so glad you’re enjoying being a mom…and so glad for my sake (hehe) that you’re not working this year. who’s going to be my frienddddd when you go back?? hurry up and have another baby ;).

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