sleep training the mother

i am currently sitting at the laptop with earplugs in while nursing 2 shots of espresso instead of the little one.

first night of cry it out here in the han household and man…i totally didn’t expect to be such weaksauce. it’s only the first round of letting her cry it out in intervals, but i am having a much harder time than i thought i would with this. i had to give up the baby monitor to paul and i am only getting through it by distracting myself by working on my online job and now venting it out on wordpress. paul on the other hand said her wailing at the top of her lungs upstairs doesn’t bother him at all. WHAT??? how are we so different??? he said he’s actually excited that we’re making her stronger…

he’s currently chuckling at the baby monitor right now saying how cute it is at how hard she’s crying….

o m g.

my husband is from a different planet.

BUT i am so thankful he is here or else i would have given in a long long time ago….

oh Lord…get me through this night!!

i really have to say that i was getting almost smug at how well e slept starting from month 2 onwards. i thought…man, look at what awesome parents we are for getting our baby to sleep so well. all those stupid baby sleep books really paid off. i couldn’t really name what made her sleep so well which definitely means it wasn’t really due to anything we were doing but i was still feeling like i deserved an award or could pursue being a baby sleep trainer as my second profession.

month five hit and she got sick, we were coming back from vacation, and teething all started about the same time. it wasn’t too bad but she then started waking up once or twice at night without wanting to go back to sleep with a simple fix of her pacifier, which meant my first resort was to feed her to get her back down as it was the quickest way to get back to sleep. it has been a month of this where i had forgotten how tiring it was to have a baby who doesn’t sleep through the night anymore and we finally decided we were going to have to let her cry it out.

so here i am….first stretch now of 30 minutes of hearing her wail. i want to say that it feels like a little part of me is slowly getting chipped away at.

Lord have mercy on me tonight!!

Paul’s doing great still as he’s reading an article about the tricks to getting an egg poached perfectly.


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