20150325_184700This picture sings WAHOOO HALLELUJAH and let me briefly explain why.

Little girl has gone down to sleep by 6pm today—after a day of horrible napping, she was one fun fussy girl to take care of—but she is finally asleep! Today was just a tiring day (note to self: don’t skip her naps ever again)…but hurrah she is down for the night

The house is clean—no dishes, the roomba worked hard today, and the place doesn’t have all of e’s toys strewn about.

I am alone and the house is extremely quiet—the husband has gone out for a bible study and it is just me!! Don’t get me wrong–I love spending time with the husband, but sometimes, i love having my alone time

Because it is just me, no need to cook dinner—I have happily made a meal out of crackers, too much cheese, and hard apple cider. I might add some ice cream on to that after this post. yup–i am having a lactose intolerant party over here


It feels pretty darn good right now.


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