this must be the baby phase where everything is all just going by in a whirlwind and i know that i sound like a broken record each post now but really….why is time passing by ever so quickly?? e is turning 8 months in 3 days and now that she’s more than halfway past her first year, i am starting to get a wee-baby-infant nostalgia. ahhh remember the good old days when i could just leave her in the boppy lounger and she’d still be there when i got back from the bathroom?? i have to say that she’s just so much more fun now. i love seeing her take in her surroundings and observe different people and gain interest in new objects to play with. she is currently loving snatching anything that she could get her quick little hands on to explore. this has included paper napkins, any sort of bottle, my keys, the dogs’ tails, toys and pacifiers that other babies are holding on to, basically anything she really isn’t supposed to. i see streaks of determination and stubbornness in her that i am already fearfully thinking “oh no…she’s going to turn out like me!!”! for the most part though, she is generally a happy baby and i can’t help thanking God for making her more like paul than myself. 😉

my sister kindly bought me a groupon the second she heard i was in need of some “just me” time and made an appointment for me to go get a mani—ha, haven’t actually paid for a manicure since 2-3 years ago? mainly because i have enough nail equipment to start my own ghetto nail shop in the corner of the living room. but man…this was kind of what i needed today. i sent evelyn with paul to an easter potluck and i got to roam about san diego by myself for 2-3 hours while the sun was still out! it was another one of those good breather moments that i was so thankful for. today reminded me that i should go out at least once a week on my own without functioning as a baby mama but a human being with things other than boobs, milk, poop, and nap schedules on my brain. and absence makes the heart grow fonder. it was so good to come back home to a baby who was so excited to see me. it just takes one toothy grin from her to melt my heart.

other things to report…hmm. nothing terribly exciting. e’s napping has gotten so much better since the last post—was it a growth spurt or leap or whatever they call them? i don’t really know. i’ve found that the key with her is really sticking to schedule. once she’s had her 2 hour wake time, i can just put her down in the crib and walk out and usually have her go down within 5 minutes. if i miss her drowsy window and she’s overly tired, things are so much harder.

the new yorker has become one of my favorite things to read during the day. pre-mama stage, i would only read them while in bed which meant i basically only got to the first page of each article before i fell asleep and i’d feel guilty about having a subscription that i never really made much out of except for reading interesting beginning paragraphs. i love that each weekly issue has actual long reporting pieces that go in such depth about random things i would probably never take the time to read on my own—and the style of writing i generally just really enjoy from the various contributors because they’re not just articles but well researched reports that come off as really interesting stories. like last week i read about a massacre of a village in vietnam during the war, an artist who has lost function of her hippocampus, and a piece about the history of birkenstocks (which also led me to buy a pair!) —random things i probably wouldn’t read about on my own as i am generally a fiction loving kind of gal. i’ve appreciated getting through these each day as i put her down for naps on my kindle.

i haven’t read too many books since the early newborn stage when breastfeeding would take seemingly forever and reading for long stretches would be the one thing that would make the long feeds something to look forward to (that and korean dramas-ha). within the last few months though i have read the goldfinch, the interestings, and have been in the middle of a barbara kingsolver book flight behavior. her new books are no where as good as some of her earlier works but i still keep trying thinking i might read one that would make me say “ahh, there is a reason why i loved her earlier books!” note that i have not read any baby books or parenting books after having e. haha—i read too many while pregnant and google has been a really good friend to me.

podcasts are another thing that i’ve gotten really interested in this past year staying home. i listened to a few from npr before i had e—this american life, wait wait don’t tell me, ted radio hour….but i have a friend who is obsessed with podcasts and she got me listening to so many more. serial was the one that reeled me in (along with most of america), but i also really have enjoyed startup, reply all, strangers, longest shortest time, and the moth in addition to the ones i normally listened to. sometimes i find myself narrating things in my head like i’m hosting a story for a podcast and then i have to tell myself to stop sounding a little crazy. it’s nice to have them on in the background while i’m taking care of e through the day as my day feels so entertaining even when at home. 🙂

okay end of post!


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