9 months going on 10

little girl is moving on up from 9 months over to 10 months. it has been so fun these past 2 months to see her change so quickly and learn so much. we’ve seen her figure out crawling, standing up on her two legs with any sort of support, babbling so much more with a lot of “bah-bah-bah-bah, dah-dah-dah-dah”(coincidentally both of these sounds are in the words for dad in english and korean, no trace of any sounds that mean something close to mom yet) curling her little fingers inward for her version of a wave whenever she sees us along with flashing a huge bright smile, showing lots of little baby determination in getting toys and objects that do not belong to her, and just bringing our family so much joy. these days, have just been feeling a lot of thankfulness to God for the many gifts he has given us and for his loving disciplining of our hearts.

20150524_110740 copy

this is e on her first flight out to baltimore during memorial day weekend. she did awesome on the flight. we wound up sitting way in the back next to the bathroom and her favorite thing was to just look and make eye contact at the all the people lined up to go use the restroom and just crack up with them. i’m definitely more of a “don’t talk to strangers” kind of gal, but being around e is opening me up a bit to get to talk to random people all the time.
20150524_132659 she is totally a daddy’s girl already. one of my favorite things in the day is to see paul come home when she is still awake before her 6:30 bedtime and i see her wave her arms and squeal in happiness to see him. poor dogs don’t get as much attention when paul comes home as they used to though.

20150528_111049just found out that she loves staring at planes in the sky. this is at the park in liberty station where a plane flies by every 15 minutes or so. she loved it.

20150528_111053 food on her face…a pretty normal sight these days.

this past month, evelyn has really gotten in to eating solid foods. like mother like daughter. her current favorites are these little broccoli quinoa patties that i make and freeze in huge batches (they’re pretty gross, but she loves them), yogurt with fruit, and steamed apples. i love how i can leave her in the highchair and she can just sit there shoving food in her face with her little tiny fingers for 30-45 minutes at a time.

20150528_111058 happy baby!!!

20150529_120134 pj’s at the beach!

20150529_132429 this picture cracks me up. she had finished eating and she just props up her leg chilling while waiting for us to be done20150530_172759tired baby 🙂


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