last day of baby class

Yesterday was the last day of the sign language and child development class that I had been taking e to since February. I don’t know why but I actually got a little sentimental saying goodbye to the teacher and some of the other moms that I had met there. It’s not because we became the best of friends but I think it’s because I felt like we had gone on a small journey together in this first year of life together. I remember on the first day of class we had the same tired look in our eyes as we were holding our 4 month old babies wondering what the heck we were doing at a 3 hour long class to supposedly teach our little drooling ones sign language and learn about infant development. The little ones were all immobile as all they did was lie on their tummies while fussing about but it was so reassuring to come to the same class each week and share the struggles and good times with other moms who totally got me in my current stage of life.

The bigger reason for the sentimentality though was thinking about how within six months the little blob of baby that had just lain there seemingly passively staring at the world had changed into this active fast crawling ball of determination who laughs at her favorite songs and fights for other babies’ toys. I know I say this in every post, but time really has gone by so quickly.

It’s already summer and I’m counting down my 2 more months until my year off at home ends and I head back to work. I’m looking forward to it to be honest as I did realize this year how much I really do love teaching chemistry. I had some people at work say that I might not want to come back after staying at home, but for me anyways, I don’t think I really had a strong internal struggle about staying home versus going back to work especially because i have had this current year at home and it has felt like such a wonderful gift. I have missed seeing students everyday and thinking about ways to get my students to care and try, and having rewarding moments when someone finally understands something they’ve struggled with—I know I’ll probably complain about teaching within the first 2 months of being back but I honestly do feel so blessed to have found a job that I love. I am also though going to so miss this time at home too—the play dates with fellow mom friends and their little ones, the flexibility to go run errands, go to the gym and have time to actually cook dinner, and of course being able to spend time with little e and seeing her grow—each day goes by in a blur of mom/home business. I really wouldn’t have done this year any differently and am thankful for the time that I’ve had to spend e’s first year with her at home and am thankful for the job that awaits my return too.


she makes these funny faces sometimes that scream “i’m mischievous!” i love how she props her leg up on the carseat like this when we’re out running errands


she has been enjoying getting her hand in to the dog’s water bowl so we spent some time just playing with water in a baking dish one morning. her favorite part was when she turned over the entire baking dish and got water everywhere 😉


more and more i’m convinced that the best baby toys are just random household objects. her favorite on this particular day? a wire whisk, a c.d., and my half empty bottle of fenugreek

20150623_194135 20150620_105350


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