18 months

**old post that i’m posting up

a year and a half! she’s a real person now, everyone! she understands things and knows where her belly button is and gives kisses and throws tantrums and laughs so hard when her parents are being silly. ahhh, i started looking through my old facebook posts for the past year and then reading through these old blog posts, and i can’t believe the little girl that i see now with an inch of hair now once looked like an overfed male buddhist monk with about 2 millimeters of hair. 🙂 i seriously didn’t remember what she once used to look like.

so things are so good right now. i still do love being able to get some balance this year. i am still in denial about how hard it is to be a teacher sometimes, but then when i spend a whole weekend alone with e when paul is sometimes working, i wonder what really is more difficult. both are jobs that feel so under appreciated and leave me really tired….but both also give me such deep satisfaction on certain days that i know i cannot get from any other thing. really thankful.





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