summer 2016

*old post that i had written on 6-26-16 that i’m posting now.

summer has come and gone! two more weeks left of freedom before the craziness of starting up a new year begins. what we did this summer (more a log for me so i remember):

  • ap by the sea for the first week of summer. was a really good week to get my feet wet with the ap chemistry curriculum.
  • 2 days of the week i had a nanny share for the mornings so i could go get ap chem prep done. i was nervous about this as evelyn hasn’t been watched by anyone other than my mother in law or the girls at the Y for an hour at a time, and more nervous because she had been potty training and she only speaks Korean and the nanny was white so e was going to have some major communication frustration. ended up working out so well! the nanny was fantastic and i really liked that evelyn had a playmate really close to her in age where she had to work on sharing toys….(this is a tough one for us still). the first 2 times, evelyn cried when i would leave, but the next week, she would just look up at me and confidently say “byeeee” as i packed up my bags. the other mom would plan fun toddler activities for them and i packed the 2 girls lunch every week. i would so do this again next summer. really loved having time to get work done…felt like a college student again just sitting at a coffee shop loading up on caffeine and free wifi.
  • in the middle of the summer, we decided our current 2 br townhome was just too small for our family and with paul’s mom staying with us during the weekdays. 1267 square feet really wasn’t much at all when you had a toddler who has an incredible amount of stuff for someone who isn’t even 3 feet tall yet. we had moved sooo much during our 7 years in san diego, that i think we could have bargained for a free move this time—move four times, get the next one free! but we found a place we liked in an area we thought we could live in for a long time–hopefully until evelyn graduated from high school. and then worked with a realtor and decided to list our current town home. i didn’t know how crazy this process was. we had 5 days to get everything in our home packed up and into the garage—closets, any clutter that we had, painting the walls and patching up holes, installing new light fixtures, and fixing small bits and ends. boxes upon boxes of clutter that we had accumulated over the years. when we finally got our town home listed, it felt weird to think that strangers would be walking into our home that we had loved for the past 2 years and analyzing and critiquing everything (the same that we would do when we checked out houses…). it was having such a private part of lives completely open to anyone who wanted access. but thankfully, just 3 days after we listed, we had an offer come through with more than what we had asked for! it was exciting. but now we have left to finalize the deal on our end with finding a home. i even have uncertainty when picking what to eat for lunch….so really committing to a home that we were planning on staying in for 20+ years is daunting. is the price right? is this the right neighborhood? what if something better comes up? so many questions…. hope we lock something in quickly before all my anxiety gets the better of me.
  • and that was how i spent my 1 month off. we only had a month this time around as our district was going through calendar changes, but it has gone by in a blur because of all this home craziness.

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